Digital Marketing Measurement

Get the data you want to make the RIGHT marketing decisions, boost conversions and increase ROI


Get the data you want to make the RIGHT marketing decisions, boost conversions and increase ROI

You need to know:

  • Who are your website visitors?
  • Which traffic sources drove them to your website?
  • What actions are they taking on your website?
  • And what are the results of those actions?

So you can make even smarter marketing decisions.

Your business generates lots of data – if you cannot analyse that data properly you could be losing money hand over fist…

If you do not know who your visitors are, what brings them to your website and what they do when they get there, you run the risk of wasting money on marketing that may or may not be working.

Once you really understand how your website visitors are behaving and the channels that convert the most visitors into customers you can stop wasting money on advertising that does not work and focus on the strategies that deliver the most customers, leads and revenue.

If you are looking to increase the ROI from your digital campaigns, improve your sales funnel to boost conversions or increase the volume of online leads for your sales team you must have effective digital marketing measurement in place.

Digital marketing measurement uses data from multiple sources to help you understand your online customers, how they are acquired and how much time and money they spend with your business.

Having access to this information helps you to make actionable decisions about changes you can make to your marketing, digital campaigns and website.

It’s all about giving you access to the right data so you can make decisions based on information you can measure.

Implementing digital marketing measurement helps you gain actionable insights into your digital campaigns, online activities and website performance so you:

  • Can make even more effective decisions about your marketing, advertising and sales funnels
  • Know what's working and what possibly requires improving with your digital campaigns and website content
  • Can stop marketing in the dark and access the data you need to boost sales, leads and enquiries
  • Can allocate marketing budget to channels that deliver the results you are looking for

The Digital Marketing Measurement System is delivered using our
Measure > Analyse > Optimise Methodology:


Setup your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track where your customers come from, how they navigate through your website and the actions they take

Phase 1:
  • Review your current website so you have clarity on what can be tracked
  • Identify data to be reported on so this can be built into your reporting plan
  • Optimise your Google Analytics set up so you know you can make data driven decisions based on clean and accurate data
  • Optimise your Google Tag Manager set up so you can fully measure all the various behaviours taking place on the site


Understand the metrics you are tracking with basic and advanced reports. Learn to segment and filter data and use multiple reporting tools to create a strategy based on real data, not guess work.

Phase 2:
  • Ensure your core Google Tag Manager tracking is reporting into your Google Analytics data
  • Set up processes to track your customer journey so you can be continually improving your conversions such as submitting enquiries and purchases
  • Set up your initial real time reports in Google Data Studio so you can access easy to follow dashboards which will help you gain insights and make data driven decisions


Target your ideal customers using the data you have acquired. Testing ads, optins, sales pages and optimising every step of your funnel to increase conversions and save money.

Phase 3:
  • Analyse your digital campaigns so you are continually improving your landing pages and ROI on your advertising spend
  • Review and fine tune your monthly reporting templates so you are constantly receiving accurate data on your core digital objectives

When you know exactly what’s happening on your website and how your website visitors are behaving it’s easier for you to make a decision about what to do next 

To get predictable and repeatable RESULTS, you need to know HOW to use the tools available to MEASURE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING so you can understand your data (and know what to do with this data).

When you know what’s NOT working, you can fix it.

When you know what is working, you can scale it.

That’s what Digital Marketing Measurement is all about.

FE Marketing helps you implement digital marketing measurement by putting your data to work so you can improve conversion rates, know with confidence where to allocate  your marketing budget and grow your business.

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