How We Work

FE Marketing provides the tools and expertise to help marketing teams, business owners and web agencies to grow their business with data-driven decisions. 

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With years of advanced analytics experience behind us, our clients are able to find and understand data in order to make better decisions about their marketing, advertising, and sales funnels.

Using measurement tools and platforms including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Facebook Analytics to help clients finally know what’s working and what’s not working with their campaigns so they know where to invest their marketing budget.

Before working with us clients tell us:

  • “We invest significant sums in our digital campaigns but don’t know with any certainty which channels are delivering the best return on advertising spend”
  • “We are not measuring our digital campaigns as comprehensively as we should be - we focus too much on clickthrough data & not on the actions visitors to our landing pages are taking and not taking”
  • “We don't make the best use of our Google Analytics data - we find it can be a time sink where we frequently get lost in never-ending data and find it difficult to extract anything useful “

After working with us clients report:

  • “We now easily understand how our visitors are navigating our website & gives me access to data that helps me manage the expectations of my Board and demonstrate the ROI of my budget”
  • “By setting up our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager properly we can at last view incredibly useful data at a glance including the products my prospects are interested in, whether or not our homepage is being used to best effect, and whether or not our investment in video production is reaping rewards”
  • ”This is helping us towards our goal of being a fully data-driven Marketing team, informing future campaigns and digital decisions like website and brand refreshes. It’s eliminating the need for ‘gut feel’ decisions and helps us make informed decisions using tangible data.”

How We Help

Done For You Service

Setting up your tracking, measuring and reporting of your digital activities using Google Analytics, GA4, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio so you can easily identify what’s working and possibly not working with your digital activities and website content.

Done With You Service

Working directly with your team to show them step by step how to set up your Google Analytics, GA4, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio to meet your organisation’s objectives and build your in-house expertise.

Do It Yourself Service

 Your team has full access to our comprehensive training portal covering Google Analytics, GA4 and Google Tag Manager so your team can develop their digital measurement skills at their own pace

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